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Anger management and the chimp

Anger management and the chimp Ever lost your temper and about an hour or so later regret your behaviour and what you said. What if I told you it was the chimp part of the mind, the limbic system that created the problem. For simplicity, let’s divide the mind into three areas. Although not technically […]

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What is human consciousness ?

Human Consciousness Choose a pleasant memory from the past and think about it. Do you see yourself in that memory? Probably, but you couldn’t see yourself at the time of the event, you were looking though your own eyes. The mind constructs the memory and places you in it. It’s a construction not an actual […]

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Tragic to Magic

Tragic to Magic In writing my book “Tragic to Magic”, Anger, anxiety, depression or happiness, it’s a choice. I was using William Glaser’s choice theory as a foundation. Glasser suggests we have five genetic human needs. Our need for love and connection, our need for empowerment (a feeling that we are important to people: that […]

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Quit Smoking

Quit smoking Most smokers think that to quit smoking is hard. If you think it is had it is hard, if you think it is easy it is easy. What you are telling yourself it usually is. The cravings to smoke come from the mind not chemicals in the body. The want to smoke is […]

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Anxiety Symptoms & Treatment

Anxiety is created through the flight or fight response. The mind perceives a threat and releases chemicals in the body that make us feel uncomfortable. This discomfort in turn creates action by running from the threat or fighting it. This may be appropriate if the threat is real and physical such as an attack from […]

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Panic Attack & Symptoms

A panic attack is one of the most debilitating experiences you can have. The rational logical mind gives way to the irrational illogical part of the mind. The experience is commonly known as the flight, fight or freeze mechanism. The experience usually starts as anxiety, the uncomfortable feeling coming from the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline […]

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Quit Smoking : Come, let’s kick-out the habit together!

Tobacco, a harmful drug causes physical and psychological addiction and tolerance. Smoking : Start – Understand – Kick Do you know, tobacco has more than 35,000 toxic chemicals? Nicotine is one of the element that’s responsible for the physical dependence and addiction. There are different types of tobacco: cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and now we […]

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Complications Of Addiction

complications of addiction

What Are The Possible Complications Of Addiction? Health – addiction to a substance, be it a drug, narcotic or nicotine usually has health consequences. In the case of drug/alcohol addiction there may be mental/emotional as well as physical health problems. In the case of nicotine addiction the problems tend to be just with physical health. […]

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What Are The Treatment Options For Addiction?

treatment options for addiction

The first step for the addicted person is to acknowledge that there is a substance dependency problem (addiction problem). The next step is to get help. In most of the world there are several support groups and professional services available. Treatment options for addiction depend on several factors, including what type of substance it is […]

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How Is Addiction Diagnosed?

how is addiction diagnosed

In many cases, it is a family member or very good friend who raises concern about the patient’s behavior (rather than the patient himself/herself doing so). The first port of call is usually a GP (general practitioner, primary care physician, family doctor). The doctor will ask several questions, including how often the substance is consumed, […]

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