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Fear of Flying


Fear Of Flying Hypnosis

A research survey states that over 20-40 % of population around the world have the fear of flying. The fear of flying is also known as aerophobia (or) aviophobia and is caused by the unconscious mind creating an alarm like a warning that tells you that you will be in a dangerous state when you board a plane. In this case of However, in this case of a phobia, we can cure people through hypnosis. We ensure to cure your fear of flying but also make you enjoy flying! Fear of flying may have come from childhood (or) by a bad experience. Fear of flying can be cured by hypnotherapy.

Symptoms for Fear of flying:

  • Sweating & dry mouth.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Vomiting.
  • Feeling out of control.
  • Feeling uncomfortable.
  • Blurred vision,..etc

Our Hypnotherapy process

  1. Trying to find the root cause for the problem- Where is the root for this fear & why,what & when??!! question will be analyzed.
  2. Finding possibilities of cure- After knowing all the root causes our hypnotherapists tries to suggest you everything to release out all your fears about flying.
  3. Treatment for the “Change“- After our course of treatment , You can feel “The Change” factor in you.

Our Hypnotherapists have a six week program to resolve the fear of flying through Counseling and Hypnotherapy. We try to provide the ultimate means of treatment for fear- “Relaxation”. We make our patients to get relaxed that can automatically cure your stress, fear & tension. With the help of hypnotherapy, we will teach you the relaxation skills that can make your subconscious mind to get relaxed & to be more focused towards the treatment.

Hypnotherapists teach you how to get relaxed during the period of fear. We make you behave strongly against the feeling of fear.

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Enjoy Flying!

Flying is recognized as the safest form of transport. Millions of flyers each day with very few incidents. So why do people fear it so much? It comes from the want for control. To be comfortable flying you have to relinquish control and trust the plane and the pilot to get you to your destination. Once you are on the plane you can’t get off. Some people fear they will lose it and have a panic attack. The want to control the anxiety will feed it. It becomes a fear of a fear.

The fear comes from the older reptilian mammalian mind the limbic system. It was good to protect us from physical threats such as wild animals but not so good for irrational illogical emotional threats. The body reacts in the same way, releasing adrenaline and cortisol as a response to the threat. These create a discomfort in the body and are designed to. The discomfort is the flight or fight response. In flying it is the flight response kicking in.
Because this is a subconscious reaction we need to address it at a subconscious level. This is the reason hypnotherapy and counseling work so well. Through hypnosis, we plant suggestions at a subconscious level to resolve the issue.