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Fear of Public Speaking

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Hypnosis for public speaking

In this world, nobody is a born speaker. Every person in this world tends to make mistakes & it is really embarrassing when it happens. Many years later, when you turn back you have a collection of mistakes called “EXPERIENCE“. We can learn from past mistakes but many people are attached to these past mistakes in a negative way. Many people are really good speakers but they have this type of phobia called “fear of public speaking“.

What can be done?

Don’t worry we got a solution for you!

Fear of public speaking is known as “Glossophobia” or sometimes referred to as “speech anxiety“. Fear of speaking in public is common among many people. A person having these kinds of phobia some may get panic attacks. Due to this phobia people try to avoid public speaking and this type of phobia can be treated using “Hypnotherapy“.

Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Public Speaking

We give counseling to people by finding answers to similar questions as given below:

  • Why you have fear of public speaking (root cause) for the problem.
  • Identifying your subconscious mind’s needs.
  • We Induces positive thoughts to your subconscious mind.

1.Why & reason behind it?


We first try to find all the problems that you are facing during public speaking:

1. Are you afraid of making mistakes?
2. Are you afraid of not being liked?
3. Are you afraid to stand out on Podiums (or) Stages?

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2.Understanding subconscious needs


Finally, during our later stages of counseling, we identify the exact sources for your fear.

1. How many times before have you got this fear of public speaking?
2. Has your mom, sister, or other family member suffered from this type of anxiety or nervousness?
3. Is this fear triggered by an upsetting event of embarrassment?

Once we find out all the answers we suggest solutions for your subconscious mind to face the public with more confidence than before.

3.Encouragement & positive thoughts


1. We make you face all your problems.
2. We prepare you to face the public.
3. We induce positive thoughts to overcome your fear.
4. We fight along with you to cure your fear.

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