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Panic Attack Hypnotherapy

hypnosis for panic attacks

Hypnosis for panic attacks

Panic attacks can strike you anywhere and at any time. The panic attack causes shortness of breath (or) choking & even chest pain with slight trembling & discomforts. The panic attack makes you sweat along with nausea (vomiting) & you may even faint. Most panic attack symptoms are closely similar to heart attacks. Many times misunderstand that they’re having a heart attack, but they are suffering from panic attacks.

Is Panic Attack- Result Of Fear, Stress & Anxiety

The exact causes of panic attacks and panic disorder may be seen to be unclear, but there are few factors that may cause panic attacks. Doctors suggest that some factors like loss of a beloved one, past experiences, accidents, stress & work may trigger panic attacks.

Researches indicate that up to 35 percent of the population may experience a panic attack at some time in their lives.

Panic attacks are sudden intense fear which causes dizziness, shortness of breath, or feelings of incompatibility that can last 10 to 20 minutes, but may continue even for hours in some cases.

Hypnosis Treatment for panic attacks

Hypnosis helps the people with symptoms of panic disorder. While under hypnosis is guided how to overs come this disorder. Hypnotherapy can help a person with panic disorder to improve self-esteem, overcome negative thinking, and manage this symptom very easily.

Anxiety and panic attacks originate in the limbic system, the old reptilian mammalian part of the mind. This part of the mind developed as a protective mechanism to counter physical threats. It served us well to protect us from the threat of wild animals but not so for perceived emotional threats.

The basic three emotional threats that produce anxiety are:

The want for approval. It is impossible to satisfy. We can’t get one person’s approval all the time and 20% of people won’t like us for one reason or another. Social anxiety and fear of public speaking have its base in this want. Our program through hypnotherapy and counseling teach you to overcome this want.

The want for control. Anger, frustration, impatience come from this want. This want also feeds the anxiety. The more you want to control the anxiety the more you feed it. It becomes a fear of a fear. This is the basis of continued anxiety. We can break this pattern through hypnotherapy and counseling.

The want for security. Security of relationships, job, assets, income. The more we want security the more insecure we become. Nothing is permanent so nothing is secure.
These basic wants are a distortion of our basic human needs. They are both illogical and irrational but the subconscious is not a logical or rational mind. Through hypnosis and counseling, we can change this at a subconscious level. This is why hypnotherapy and counseling can bring about change quickly and effectively.

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  • Course of treatment for panic attacks: Around 6 –8 weeks.
  • Mode of treatment for panic attacks: Hypnotherapy.
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