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Phobia Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Phobia Hypnosis MelbourneThere are many reasons why a Phobia can start. One thing is for sure, they usually only get worse as time goes on. There are hundreds of different phobias from claustrophobia, fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of lifts, fear of tunnels, fear of crowds, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of blushing, fear of needles and a fear of just about anything.

Any phobia will create a problem in someone’s experience of life, it will diminish it. Who can be happy living in fear? Some phobias are created from a one off experience in the past. A phobia program is created in the mind. It is just a program that can be changed.

A phobia is an Anxiety based problem and usually need to be treated as such. Some phobias can be resolved in a single session, which is what we endeavour to do with say a fear of spiders. Others like a fear of flying or claustrophobia can take four to six sessions Hypnotherapy Treatment.