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Quit Smoking

Quit smoking
Most smokers think that to quit smoking is hard. If you think it is had it is hard, if you think it is easy it is easy. What you are telling yourself it usually is.
The cravings to smoke come from the mind not chemicals in the body. The want to smoke is telling the mind it needs something to be happy. This want works like a fear. A fear you are lacking something. This in turn generates sensations in the body and these sensations come from the fear response, a release of adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline creating uncomfortable sensations in the body. These sensations create a craving for relief and that cigarette will give relief to the sensations by getting what you want. As soon as you get what you want the cravings disappear.
On a long plane flight the smoker can’t get what they want and will usually stop wanting it. No cravings. The craving starts again when you land and the opportunity to smoke enters the mind. When there is no opportunity to smoke the mind stops wanting it which should prove that the craving is all in the mind.
It is the habit of wanting the cigarette that we need to get rid of. If you don’t want it you are already a non-smoker. It also explains why someone can quit for 6 months and start again. There is no nicotine in the body after 6 months, so this can’t be the cause of the craving. To quit you need to get rid of the habit of wanting the cigarette.

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