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Stress and Hypertension

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Hypnotherapy for stress

All Stress is anxiety based. Work stress or family stress is an anxiety issue. Anxiety can create hyper tension or high blood pressure.

Stress Management

Our Stress Management program will change all areas of your life and how you think. It is our thinking and reacting to this thinking that causes the stress. We often try to suppress the issues but will they will come out in some way. We need to learn how to let go of things and go with the flow of things to reduce stress.

If you are reacting negatively to the behavior of someone at work or a family member or friend, you are creating your own stress. You can’t control another person but you can have an influence over how you respond and feel.

Stress and Hypertension

People stress about not having enough time. You only have 24 hours in each day, stressing about it won’t change or give you more time. Can you think a problem that was fixed by stressing over it? Stressing about something only creates anxiety. 95% of the things people stress about never eventuate. Why stress about things you can’t control. It is because you have developed the habit of stressing, a habit that can be broken.

Don’t let stress affect your health. Heart attacks and high blood pressure can be a result of too much self-created stress.

Our six-week program can help you resolve Stress and result in a happier stress-free life.