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Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy weight loss Melbourne

Hypnosis for weight loss – A Natural Solution

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular and most people prefer this method because it doesn’t require any exercise or any other painful treatments. During hypnosis, we keep your mind in a control even in an asleep state. We erase all the thoughts that forced you to eat more. Our hypnotherapist will make you remain in a controlled & relaxed state throughout your sessions.

Are you unhappy with your body shape & fitness-thinking about weight loss???

We Are Back With Our Gaining Slimness For “Weight Loss”!!!

The Rapid leap over in obesity rates has sparked some serious researches to discover a complete weight loss solution. Hypnosis is one of that kind and most appealing effective methods in recent times for weight loss methods. Obese people have to lose their weights for health issues. The hypnosis as a weight loss method is distributed to people through videotapes, audiotapes, books, or through seminars.

Forcing Factors For Weight Loss

You may need to lose weight if you are suffering from these obese factors:

  • Body mass index (BMI of < 25 (greater than),
  • Men – Waist circumference exceeds 37 inches
  • Woman – Waist circumference exceeds 32 inches
  • High body fat percentage (%)
  • Pain in joints (due to excess weight as it puts stress on joints)
  • Type- 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure (or) Heart disease.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

    1. GUIDE – Our hypnotherapist acts like a mentor who will guide you throughout the session to a state of deep relaxation.
    2. RELAX – Once your body and mind are relaxed .We will be able to access your unconscious mind.
    3. VISUALIZE – We try to carefully explore all the reasons for overeating and try suggesting you a new way.
    4. ERASE – We visualizes all your thoughts and as days passes by, We make you replace all your negative eating patterns with positive ones.

Course of weight loss treatment

Total Duration- 4 to 6 sessions

  • First session (1 hour) – we cover how the mind works and how to improve relationships and reduce stress, build self esteem and more.
  • Second session – A second set of Cd that can be played anywhere & free of charge, these Cd’s help you understand your mind.
  • Material – A set of hypnosis Cd –> to change the eating patterns.
  • Per day – Listen 20 minute weight loss hypnosis CD + 1 Session in a Week.

If everything is on track and you have lost 4+ kg in the first four weeks, that’s all you would need. The Cd’s will continue to take you from there. This is additional self-hypnosis for weight loss and supplements the program.

Client Testimonial

Saw Tony a while back for weight loss. We were aiming at 6kg over six weeks and I lost just over five. I continued to lose weight over the next few months and got down to a couple of kg’s off my ideal weight. The last few kg’s were a bit stubborn so I went back for one session to it out. I am happier and healthier than ever. I got a lot more out of the program than losing weight.
Clayton, Melbourne.